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How to Choose a Motorcycle Ramp

Single Runner Motorcycle Ramps

Ready to take your dirt bike or other smaller motorcycle out on the tracks and trails? Load it up using a single-runner ramp from Designed to assist you while providing excellent traction, we offer portable folding ramps and arched ramps as well as adjustable models.

How to Load a Dirt Bike into a Pickup

Here is a brief overview of the step-by-step process:

  1. Place ramp on tailgate and secure with tie-down strap.
  2. Put dirt bike in neutral and line it up with the ramp.
  3. With a friend, roll the bike up the ramp into the bed.
  4. Apply the brake when stopped and centered.
  5. Use tie-downs and soft loops to secure the bike to your truck.
  6. Stop occasionally when driving and check tie-downs.

For fully detailed and illustrated step-by-step instructions, please read How to Load a Dirt Bike into a Pickup.

Aluminum Versus Steel

Although their strength is comparable, each has unique advantages:

  • Aluminum will never rust or corrode, and it is more lightweight than steel for easier portability.
  • Steel is more affordable, usually powder-coated for rust protection, and hard to dent.

Single-Runner Ramp Features

Why choose a single-runner over a full-width model? Because:

  • They are ideal for smaller motorcycles, like dirt bikes.
  • Most single-runner ramps fold for compact storage.
  • The rung design allows debris to pass through easily.
  • The punch plate design offers superior traction.