Black Widow Aluminum Folding Arched Single Runner Motorcycle Ramp - 7'5" Long

Load up your motocross bike, scooter or moped in no time with the Arched Plate-Style Aluminum Folding Motocross Ramp. Lightweight and easy to use, this handy dirt bike ramp has a solid, plate-style surface that can safely hold up to 750 lbs. This 16-lb arched ramp conveniently folds in half for compact storage. More

Load up your motocross bike, scooter or moped in no time with the Arched Plate-Style Aluminum Folding Motocross Ramp. Lightweight and easy to use, this handy dirt bike ramp has a solid, plate-style surface that can safely hold up to 750 lbs. This 16-lb arched ramp conveniently folds in half for compact storage.

  • Made from lightweight, rust-resistant aluminum
  • Perfect for loading dirt bikes, scooters, and mopeds
  • 89"L x 11-1/4"W x 5-1/2"H
  • 750-lb weight capacity
  • Weighs only 16 lbs
  • Hinged in the center for easy folding
  • Includes adjustable safety strap
  • Tapered ramp bottom for smooth loading

Constructed from the highest-quality, lightweight aluminum, this folding motocross ramp is the ultimate combination of strength and convenience. Arched for maximum clearance, this plate-style dirt bike ramp features a heavy-duty hinge system that allows the ramp to be folded in half for compact storage and transportability.

A machined surface with raised ribs provides proper traction, making the loading process as safe as possible. This stable ramp is held in place by a set of rubber-coated fingers that grip the tailgate without scratching and an included adjustable safety strap.

Designed for hauling motocross and dirt bikes, the aluminum folding ramp can support up to 750 lbs, making it the perfect choice for transporting scooters and mopeds as well!

We recommend always working with at least two people when using single-runner ramps for loading. These aluminum motocross ramps are not intended for riding your bike up because they are not wide enough to put your feet down when loading and unloading.

Check out this wider Aluminum Folding Motorcycle Ramp if you???re looking for a ramp you can drive your bike up by yourself.

750 lbs.
16 lbs.

Review Summary (Based on 19 Reviews)


5 Stars Great Ramp

Philip from NY wrote (April 28, 2017):

Light weight, easy to maneuver. Does exactly what I needed, getting scooter in and out of raised shed. Discount Ramps was easy to find what I needed, place order and it arrived quickly. Great service.

5 Stars Excellent ramp for Fe390

Emmanuel from NY wrote (February 27, 2017):

This is a well designed lightweight ramp. Ramp pattern has protruding slightly cupped metal for tires to grip. A strap is included, a bonus to prevent the ramp for moving back while loading/unloading. Best place to order, fast shipping.

5 Stars There's a reason these are all 5 Star

Eric from FL wrote (July 12, 2016):

I read all these reviews, and the ramp arrived, and I see why they were so good.. I'm not sure you can beat it for the price. It is so much better than the 2 x 10 I was using to load our scooters with. The curve makes loading easier, and it comes with a couple small straps to firmly hold it to the tailgate.

5 Stars Awsome ramp!

Brian from UT wrote (June 12, 2016):

I have had almost identical ramps to this one, and have loved them. I was very impressed that the ramp I just ordered has small ridges for traction. My old set did not have them. A friend borrowed one of my old ones some time back and never returned it, so I just ordered a replacement. I look forward to getting some good use out of my ramps.

5 Stars Perfect!

Nick from TX wrote (March 21, 2016):

Wanted an easy ramp to load my dirtbike into the truck. This surpassed my expectations... arrived on time, did not have to put it together, and was light weight. I used it for the first time and it was very easy!

5 Stars EXACTLY what i was looking for!

Tyler from TX wrote (February 27, 2016):

Was looking for a lightweight, fold up, low cost, and quality ramp. I found it with this ramp. Arrived less than a week after delivery and couldn't be more pleased. I used it to load my KTM 300XCW with absolutely no issues.

5 Stars Shipping was speedy!

Samuel from TX wrote (January 25, 2016):

No assembly required upon arrival. Arrived at my house quickly. Light- weight and durable.

4 Stars Motorcycle ramp

Charles from TX wrote (January 04, 2016):

Used it to load my motorcycle into a an enclosed Uhaul trailer, then packed around it for a move. Worked just as I had hoped. With it folding it is easy to store for the next move.

5 Stars Great dirtbike ramp

Niels from UT wrote (November 30, 2015):

I bought this ramp because it was cheap, and quickly discovered that only the price was cheap, not the quality. It is well-built and will be a ramp that I use for years.

5 Stars RAMPS

Rick from CO wrote (July 31, 2015):

I needed a ramp, or ramps to load a trailer into my van. I ordered 2 of these ramps and they work great. 12 volt winch to pull the trailer into the van and the sides on the ramps guide the trailer into the van with ease. Very light weight. They stow under and between the wheels of the trailer. Very slick. Delivery was exceptionally fast. Thank you very much for a great product.

5 Stars Great Ramp

Gerry from VA wrote (June 02, 2015):

This is a great ramp for motocross. I had no trouble setting it up and loading/unloading my bike. Discount Ramps shipped it fast also. I think I'll buy my bike stand from Discount Ramps next.

5 Stars Perfect Ramp

Eddie from CA wrote (May 28, 2015):

This product is very light and easy to close and move around. Perfect length for putting my CR250 Honda up into my F350 Ford truck.

5 Stars Easy To Use

Drew from PA wrote (May 26, 2015):

I love these. I bought a pair so I would have some versatility. They work great for my snow blower, my Yamaha Grizzley and I'll be using them for my Yamaha Majesty scooter. You won't be sorry you bought them.

5 Stars Costumer satisfaction

victor from TX wrote (May 14, 2015):

with this ramp is going to be more easy to load and unload my dirt bike of mytruck

5 Stars Aluminum folding ramp

Elver Guevara from NV wrote (May 02, 2015):

This product it's a very good quality and for a very good price its better and cheaper then the competition..I'm very satisfied with this product I will keep purchasing from this seller....

5 Stars Aluminum single folding plate motor cross bike ramp

Bob from IL wrote (April 26, 2015):

This bike ramp is awesome, booyah! meets my needs to get dirt-bike into my new truck! The ramp was actually purchased to grow with the dirt-bike for my 6 year old grandson. It is light enough for him to learn to set up, and strong enough for his dirt-bike. Great product, easy to store when not in use.

5 Stars xcellent quality and value

drew from NJ wrote (January 14, 2015):

2nd review on same great product i know i already won... with your products , thank you

5 Stars awesome ramp!

52 yr old male loves dirtbiking as well as my son from NJ wrote (December 16, 2014):

great product at a competitive price i have confidence in its stability hooked to my pickup truck!

5 Stars Dirt bike ramp

Alan from IN wrote (September 28, 2014):

I purchased this ramp as it has a smoother surface which I felt would make loading my son's CRF 70 easier however it will work fine with our larger dirt bikes as well. I received notification that the order was received almost immediately after ordering and also received several progress emails in the three days it took to arrive. I was very pleased with the speed of delivery and the quality of the ramp. I highly recommend this product.

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