7' 10" L x 54" W Black Ice Tri-Fold Snowmobile Ramps - 1,500 lb. Capacity

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  • Manufactured from high-strength, lightweight aluminum
  • Measures 7' 6" L x 49-1/2" W x 5" H - features tri-fold design for compact storage
  • 1,500 lb. weight capacity
  • Includes 4" rubber-coated fingers to grip tailgate and two cam buckle straps to secure ramp
  • Outer ramp panels feature ski guides for low-resistance loading with any type of carbide
  • Inner rungs grip snowmobile track for easy loading
  • Available with stud protectors and/or 3' long extension ramp
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SNO-9454-HDXW Ramp Only 7' 10" 54" 2" 49 lbs. 1,500 lbs.
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SNO-9454-HDXW-EXT Ramp + Extension 10' 10" 54" 3-3/4" 56 lbs. 1,500 lbs.
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SNO-9454-HDXW-S Ramp + Stud Protectors 7' 10" 54" 3-1/4" 60 lbs. 1,500 lbs.
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SNO-9454-HDXW-EXT-S Ramp + Extension + Stud Protectors 10' 10" 54" 3-1/4" 67 lbs. 1,500 lbs.
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Make loading your snowmobile directly into your truck bed easier than ever with the Black Ice Tri-Fold Snowmobile Ramps. These systems feature two outer ramp panels with extra-wide polyethylene ski guides for low-resistance loading and a center ramp panel with exposed rungs that offers excellent traction for the sled's track. The ramps are secured with two included cam buckle straps and rest on the tailgate of your truck with six rubber-coated fingers. The snowmobile ramps are made from high-strength, lightweight aluminum, and compactly fold up for easy storage.

Ramps are available with or without a center rung extension which provides added grip when loading on pavement, ice, or into high trucks. The extension can be hooked onto different rungs of the snowmobile ramp to accommodate different lengths. Ramps are also available with optional Caliber Ramp GRIPS – stud protectors that install over the center rungs, adding traction and preventing damage to the rungs (user installed).

1,500 lbs.
Not recommended for use with studded tracks. This voids warranty.

Review Summary (Based on 32 Reviews)


4 Stars 94" Snowmobile Ramp

Michael from IL wrote (October 11, 2017):

bought it for the times I go meet a friend and don't need to use my trailer . was at my door 2 days after I ordered (standard shipping ). light weight rust resistant just what I wanted . now just need snow

5 Stars 94" Snowmobile Ramp

TW from CO wrote (May 17, 2017):

This is an amazing ramp. I hesitated to purchase it because I thought I could buy a cheap ramp and try to put some plastic slides on it to convert it to a snowmobile ramp. After several weeks of contemplating this idea, I decided to just buy this well made snowmobile ramp and I couldn't be happier. I used it for the entire 2016/2017 season and it worked flawlessly. It is high quality but relatively light. I also like the additional length so it isn't such a steep approach when I load my sled into the back of my pickup truck. I really have no criticisms of the ramp and I highly recommend it!

3 Stars snowmobile ramp

Mike from UT wrote (February 04, 2017):

It was delivered quick and right to my front door. I like how the ramp works, I have used it for a month and a half loading and unloading my snowmobiles from the back of my truck, and it seems to work ok for that. My dislikes are when I got the ramp, one of the rungs had a small dent in it and as I've used the ramp I've noticed that it has a bow in it that has nothing to do with the dent, but I'm nervous about the fact that it has bowed. The tie down straps are not of very good quality and each one was different.

4 Stars Awesome product

Rick from WY wrote (January 24, 2017):

Only reason I didn't give 5 stars is because I came on a week after my purchase date to write a review and the ramp was now 20% off. Couldn't be happier with the quality of the ramp.

5 Stars 94" snowmobile ramp

Tim from PA wrote (January 17, 2017):

Very high quality product is exactly as described only dis appointment was the made in china label.

5 Stars Black Ice Tri-Fold Snowmobile Ramp - 1,500 lb Capacity, 94" Long

Lawrence from PA wrote (January 06, 2017):

This ramp is great! It is very well made, easy to maneuver, and folds up compactly for transport or storage. I purchased it with the stud protectors which is well worth the few extra bucks. It not only protects the studs, but it keeps the aluminum cross bars on the ramp from getting chewed up. The included straps keep it securely in place while loading so the ramp doesn't accidentally come off the tail gate when ascending or descending the ramp. Don't even think about making your own ramp! Besides all the time and money it would take, you couldn't make a ramp even half as nice as this one. For a few hundred bucks, this ramp will last a lifetime! Do yourself a favor... just buy it like I did! Also the salespeople are great to deal with. They are polite and helpful. They ship the same day. I live in Pennsylvania had my ramp only two days after ordering it, in plenty of time for my last minute planned snowmobile trip.

5 Stars Very Impressed!!

Lisa from ME wrote (December 30, 2016):

Very impressed with the ease of ordering, the timeliness of the shipment and delivery, BUT most importantly the quality of the ramps. With our Ski Doo Expedition - long track/wide track, this ramp did the job! Thank you for a great ramp!

5 Stars Lite weight , But very strong. Awesome Ramp

Trent from CO wrote (January 26, 2016):

Purchased this 94 inch ramp to replace the short ramp on my trailer, Approx 60 lbs lighter than the old one. Awesome product works great. Thank You. Highly recommended this ramp to anyone with Snow machines.

4 Stars well made

Lou's Dad from PA wrote (January 24, 2016):

Ramp is very strong and well made. Because of length, sled goes up and down very easy. Also because of length hard to store on truck. would be better if their was something in the middle, if you have studs you will did a piece of wood for the track to ride on. Then a place to store the wood on your truck.

5 Stars Snowmobile ramp for pickup

Paul stromgren from IA wrote (January 05, 2016):

I bought this ramp because I have a two place snowmobile trailer but I have 3 snowmobiles to load the the snowmobile was easier than I expected using the ramp I recommend this to anyone who has a pickup and does not want to deal with finding a snowbank to load and unload. I also bought two 8 foot ski guides and mounted them on a piece of plywood so the carbide would not scratch up the truck while taking it in and out works great.

5 Stars High quality & fast shipping

Scott from CO wrote (November 24, 2015):

Buying this to load my snowmobile made it a lot easier to load, and buying it from Discount Ramps was a great choice. This is better than any other ramps I have used. The product came quick and without any problems. The communication was great. The product works better than any other. It slides into the back of my truck easily and doesn't take much effort as the coating on it helps it slide without catching on any ridges.

5 Stars snowmobile ramp

Michael from MI wrote (November 11, 2015):

great product...works like a charm...takes away the issue of being to steep..thanks

5 Stars Awesome Ramp

Will from MA wrote (March 30, 2015):

The long length helps a lot when loading. You don't feel like you have to hit the ramp at 60 mph to get the sled up on the bed of the truck like you do with some of the short ramps. I use it load my 153" M800 into my 2006 Toyota Tundra (6.5' bed). Works great. Nice and light and can be easily set up by one person. The only problem I have with it is that the length can make it a bit cumbersome to strap into the back of the truck (with and without a sled). But it isn't bad. My truck doesn't have many points to hook in ratchet straps so that is more of the reason why it is hard for me to tie it down. Overall, I would definitely recommend this ramp.

5 Stars SNO-9454-HDXW

James from ME wrote (March 30, 2015):

First of all, the ramp works perfectly. The length makes it easy to get my snowmobile up in place without getting stuck part way. Additionally, with only one sled, I don't need a trailer and the ramp also comes in handy for getting snowblowers, lawnmowers, etc. up into my truck bed. And last of all, the thing is built right. I've seen other aluminum ramps that are just plain cheesy with shoddy welds. Not this one. It is truly a quality unit. Now if you have a picked track you do have to take special precautions but I can't really fault the ramp. After all, tracks don't usually come picked and besides, if I didn't put plywood down in my truck bed the picks would surely do a number on that too and who's fault would that be? At any rate, if your in the market for a ramp to get your snowmachine into the back of your pick-up this is the one to buy.

5 Stars Works great and really convenient

Jason from OH wrote (March 28, 2015):

This ramp works perfect. It's no different than loading a sled in a trailer. I don't even have the extension. I just load the sled and put the ramp next to the sled and with the tailgate down I've driven 8 hours and no problem. No reason to trailer if you're hauling just one sled. For the price you can't go wrong.

5 Stars black ice tri fold snowmobile ramp

paul from NH wrote (March 27, 2015):

Bought this ramp and its the best ramp I have ever bought. I am now able to get my snowmobile in and out of my truck myself. Well worth the money.

5 Stars Posibly the best Sled Ramps out there

Chip from NH wrote (March 14, 2015):

Bought this ramp to help getting sleds in and out of our shed and once in a while the truck. Ramps are really well made and will last many years I'm sure. Went with the 94" long ramps to cut the angle some. They work great but are a little heavy/unwieldy but what can you expect from an almost 8 ft long ramp. Shipping was really quick and packaging did its job.

5 Stars Black Ice Tri-Fold Snowmobile Ramp is fantastic

Dave from IL wrote (March 07, 2015):

This ramp is well designed and well built. It works great loading or unloading and is a must to get the sled in and out of my 4x4.

5 Stars Black Ice Sled ramp A OK

Dave from MA wrote (February 17, 2015):

After a friend bought this ramp I asked him if he was still happy with it and he said yes, I placed the order myself and have used it to load my sleds into my Chev 2500 hd and my GMC 1500 Siera and it has worked flawlessly. I am going to fabricate some brackets to drop into the stake pockets and carry it on the bed rail.

4 Stars Black Ice 94" Tri Fold Snowmobile Ramp

Darren from NY wrote (February 01, 2015):

Only reason I didnt give 5 stars is what ither people mentioned about studs tearing up the center rungs. A rubber mat or something needs to be put down the middle. I just lay down an old track up the middle. A little tricky to get used to if your clutch comes in at a higher RPM, you cant just putter up like the guy in the video does. Very sturdy and well built. Biggest tip, buy through Walmart online, shipping is free!! Was $319 shipped to my door.

5 Stars 94" with the narrow guides

Craig from WA wrote (January 14, 2015):

I love my ramp. It's very light and folds up small enough to fit in the bed under the sled, between the track and skis. When using the skis follow the guides perfectly and the track doesn't slip at all. Safe and effective way to load and unload with one person

5 Stars snowmobile ramp review

Karl from MI wrote (January 14, 2015):

great quality, added 1/4" plywood to center ramp section so studs would not tear up aluminum ramp, worked perfectly, still folds up, makes transporting snowmobile quicker and less trouble than trailering

5 Stars Black Ice Tri-fold ramps, Perfec!

Ron from NY wrote (January 14, 2015):

After owning an enclosed snowmobile trailer years ago, I returned to the sport but did not want the overhead of another trailer. I decided to research loading ramps to transport my sled on the back of my truck, a full sized Nissan Titan 4x4. The truck sits quite high so I knew length would be a required factor. After reading reviews and watching you tube demonstrations, I knew I needed the Black Ice 7ft. 10inch ramps. My next search involved locating a distributor for these ramps which brought me to "DiscountRamps.com" Their price was the most competitive and I was sold. I ordered them Just after Christmas so I expected a waiting period. To my surprise I had a confirmation email within an hour that my order had been fulfilled and my ramps were on their way! I have NEVER had such fast service online, ever! Sure enough, within just a couple days my ramps were delivered. I spent part of a day getting used to my Black Ice ramps and here's what I found. I like how easily the ramps can be handled. There are two straps that attach to the hitch safety chain holes. A quick tug and they are secure. I ran my Tundra Free Style up to the lip of the ramps and verified good alignment with the runner slides on the ramps. I backed the sled back up and attempted to load the sled onto the truck. The first couple attempts I found I didn't allow enough length or speed for my approach. I backed up a third time and adjusted my approach distance and speed accordingly and the sled climbed the ramps effortlessly and successfully. I backed off the truck, down the ramps easily, then practiced loading one more time. This time once the sled was loaded, I got off the truck and removed the ramps. I folded the ramps up and found I could use the securing straps to wrap around the folded ramps to keep them tightly folded. I loaded them on edge next to the snowsled and secured them to my hold-down loops on the side of my truck bed. I next reversed my procedure to offload my sled. I slid the ramps off from the truck bed, loosened the securing straps and opened the tri-fold ramps. It might have been a little easier with help from another person to place the unfolded ramps back on the tailgate as my sled uses the whole length of the truck bed and tail gate so I was unable to rest the ramp end on the tail gate to unfold into position. It wasn't any big hastle though as the ramps are reasonably light weight. I secured the straps in seconds, walked up the center of the ramps, climbed aboard my sled and descended from my truck. The ramps were very strong and secure. I'm ready to take my show on the road! While I am on the trails I plan to secure the ramps in the truck bed with a short chain and padlock to the tie-down loops. In the summer I plan to remove the ski glides from the Black Ice ramps and use them to drive my garden tractor in and out of my storage shed which is raised. I am VERY satisfied with my Black Ice ramps and the buying experience I've had with DiscountRamps.com.

5 Stars Black ice 94 in snowmobile ramp

Dave S from NH wrote (January 10, 2015):

I bought this ramp because of a few reasons the quality is all there my friend has one and loves it I just got my 3rd sled and needed something to load sled into back of truck Thanks

5 Stars Black ice 94 in snowmobile ramp

Dave S from NH wrote (January 10, 2015):

I bought this ramp because of a few reasons the quality is all there my friend has one and loves it I just got my 3rd sled and needed something to load sled into back of truck Thanks

5 Stars Black ice snowmobile ramp

Dave from manitoba from ND wrote (December 04, 2014):

was looking for a sturdy ramp to get the IQ800 into our pick-up. This one fits the bill perfectly very light to move around.The shipping was very quick ordered black friday here the following tuesday. Thanks

5 Stars 94" snowmobile ramp

John from ME wrote (December 02, 2014):

Excellent product. Long length makes loading a full sized Skidoo Skandic SWT easy.

5 Stars 94 inch ramp

Junior from ME wrote (December 01, 2014):

I bought this ramp because of its length . last year I searched every where for a ramp long enough to feel comfortable loading my skidoo . Nowhere in Canada could I find one longer than 84 inches . This ramp loads my skidoo like I'm going up a small incline instead of a steep hill . I feel a lot safer with this ramp than any other I have tried . I was so tired of short ramps that I made one out of 2x3 lumber 96 inches long . It did me for 2 years but I was starting to feel uncomfortable because it was wood and every time I used it I was afraid it would break . Thanks to a friend he told me where to find a ramp that was light and made for loading a big skidoo . This ramp is undoubtably the best I ever had .


M. Lewis from NY wrote (November 27, 2014):

Very nice, easy to use and it works great for our snowmobile shed!!! Received very quickly from Discount Ramps! Would highly recommend this product for anyone who needs to put a snowmobile on any raised area. ex.) sheds, trailers, small trucks, ect.

5 Stars SNO-9454-HDXW Review

Harold from MT wrote (November 22, 2014):

I have a tall 1 ton pickup, and needed a longer ramp. I've seen lots of accidents in the parking lot due to people using home made ramps. I see ramps slipping, falling off vehicle, breaking, and causing damage to sleds and people. This ramp is built sturdy, and the wide guides will allow ski's to go up ramp without hanging up. This ramp is long enough that the load angle won't cause problems. I can now haul another sled so the fuel cost can be spit with one more person, and this ramp is a heck of a lot cheaper than investing in a bigger trailer that I already have. This ramp should last as long as I'm into sledding. Very pleased with product.

5 Stars Black Ice Tri-fold Snowmobile Ramp

Scott from NY wrote (November 20, 2014):

I am writing to both recommend the ramps I purchased and highly recommend DiscountRamps.com. I purchased the Black Ice Tri-fold 94�x54� snowmobile ramp online. I got the standard email minutes later saying Discount Ramps had received my order. One hour and ten minutes later I got another email from Discount Ramps saying my order was processed and shipped! That is good business and great customer service. I soon got the email from UPS telling me they were shipping my order and gave the delivery date. I ordered the ramps 10am on a Friday and they were delivered 10am the following Tuesday, and that was with standard ground shipping. The ramps are good, exactly what I wanted and expected, and I would recommend them. The ramps are high quality and low weight. One bolt that attaches the ski runner was stripped so the nut won�t stay on. I don�t know how that happened, must have been over-tightened ? Everything else is great.

4 Stars Nice snowmobile ramp

Brian from NE wrote (November 18, 2014):

I like that the ramp is made completely of aluminum. It makes the ramp fairly reasonable to move around. The only thing that I question is the overall length of the ramp. Does it really need to be 94" long to get into my 4X4 truck? I am sure someone smarter than me did the engineering and had a good reason to make it so long. It works great and the runner guides for my snowmobile are positioned correctly and wide enough to hit the guides. I kinda wish the ski guides were fastened down on each horizontal bar. Overall, I am excited to use this with my snowmobile and will be much easier to use rather than having to lift the sled by hand!

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