Black Widow Aluminum 4-Beam Folding Arched 3-Piece Motorcycle Ramp

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  • Manufactured from high-strength, lightweight aluminum
  • Center ramp weight capacity 1,500 lbs., side ramp weight capacity up to 600 lbs. or 1,200 lbs. when used as a dual-runner
  • Available in two sizes up to 9' long with 40" total width
  • Serrated rungs for excellent traction with an innovative 4-beam design for added strength
  • Folds in half and breaks down into three pieces for easy transport and storage
  • Solid plate attaching lip
  • Includes three safety straps to secure ramp to your vehicle
Item # Length Width Height Weight Maximum Capacity Center Ramp
Side Ramps
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BW-9440-HD 8' 40" 1-3/4" 81 lbs. 1,500 1,500 lbs. 1,200 lbs.
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BW-10840-HD 9' 40" 1-1/2" 89 lbs. 1,500 1,500 lbs. 1,200 lbs.
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Safely and easily transport your motorcycle, ATV or other power equipment by yourself with this reliable Black Widow ramp system. Featuring high-strength, lightweight aluminum construction, these versatile powersports ramps conveniently fold in half or break into three pieces when not in use to save precious storage space. With their innovative design these durable ramps can be assembled in a variety of ways to accommodate any loading situation. Whether you need a single runner ramp, dual runner or a wide full-width ramp, this Black Widow ramp can be configured for either of those applications.

Space out the motorcycle ramps or bolt them all together for maximum loading capacity. The side sections can be used independently as dual runners to load 4-wheeled equipment such as lawn mowers, garden tractors, ATVs, and more. For maximum strenght, the center rungs measure 5/8" in diameter while the side rams measure 1/2" in diameter; the rungs are spaced 2-1/2" apart on all sections. The side section ramps each have a weight capacity of 600 lbs. or a total of 1,200 lbs. when used together. The center ramp has a 1,500 lb. weight capacity. Maximum weight capacity of this ramp system when used as a full-width system is 1,500 lbs. Includes all hardware needed for assembly. US Patent # D595919

1,500 lbs.
1,500 lbs.
1,200 lbs.
NOT recommended for loading Trikes

Review Summary (Based on 23 Reviews)


5 Stars black widow 108" ramp

James Aikman from FL wrote (December 05, 2016):

Awesome, just purchased a Nissan NV2500 high top van to haul my fatboy low. Fits perfectly easy to lower and raise and secure with only a couple of straps. Quality item!

5 Stars H-D Black Widow 94' L x 40" W

Bill from TX wrote (September 30, 2016):

I was quite pleased at the strength of the ramp. It took awhile to figure out, but it became apparent that parts were to provided to make the use of the system as flexible as possible - one ramp, two ramps, or three ramps connected together or apart. My only criticism is that the instructions could have been much better.

5 Stars H D Black Widow Ramp

Vern from FL wrote (March 04, 2016):

I have an aluminum trailer which I want to use for hauling 2 motorcycles. The tailgate on this trailer swings down to become a ramp. It is sturdy enough for my 700 lb motorcycles but it is too short which results in the incline to be too steep which causes my bikes to bottom out at the top. I, therefore, decided to purchase a ramp. The H D Black widow was not the cheapest ramp I found on line, but it was very sturdy and quite long (94"). It is wide enough (40") to put my feet down to stabilize my bike if for some reason I have to stop half way up the ramp. This makes loading my bikes on my trailer easy and safe. I have only used it a couple of times but, so far, I can find no flaws in the ramp and I am very pleased with it.

5 Stars Worked great

Jack from WI wrote (February 13, 2016):

I ordered this last week for the motorcycle I picked up today. The ramp is made up of 3 separate ramps. I was happy when I discovered this because the opportunities are endless. The whole set up takes goes together very quickly. I was able to unload my new bike all by myself in under 10 mins. One of my favorite parts about the system is that it includes safety straps to keep it from kicking out. The construction is great. Very Strong. Clean Welds. No sharp corners. The paint is nice and strong. The only negative I found was that while I was backing my bike off I locked the front break and the front wheel just slid. Now, Keep in mind I'm in WI and its 2 degrees F. today and I'm sure the ramp was a little wet from me walking up and down it. That being said, I will probably run to the hardware store and get some textured spray paint or something to help. Realistically it didn't matter at all because the ramp is so wide I just walked her down. Bottom line: No real complaints. I would buy again for sure. I would recommend to a friend/ family.

5 Stars Black Widow 8 foot ramp

Mike from CA wrote (January 29, 2016):

After reviewing several ramps I ordered the 8 foot Black Widow ramp. It works great for loading my motorcycle into my truck. Another great thing is that you can use the ramp in three separate pieces, which allows me to store it in the truck bed while transporting the motor. A great set up.

5 Stars Great Ramps

Frank from NJ wrote (October 03, 2015):

I needed a ramp for both my shed and my trailer. This ramps fits both the needs. Is light weight and easy to use for both.

5 Stars Black Widow does the job

Michael from NC wrote (September 27, 2015):

Purchased the Black Widow to load my 850 pound bike, plus my 200 carcass. The ramp looks great and work perfectly. Well worth the money. Thanks Discount Ramps

5 Stars Blackwidow ramp

Russell Houk from FL wrote (September 02, 2015):

this is a lot heavier duty than I expected very well built

5 Stars Great Ramp

Paul Potash from CA wrote (August 26, 2015):

This is very well made, light weight enough that it is not a problem folding up and stashing in the van, but very strong and confidence building loading in my 500lb. motorcycle. Used to be every time I thought that I'd need to transport the bike that visions of trouble loading with lesser ramps would worry me, but not now, this is the way a ramp should be. There was a little bit of confusion regarding some of the supplied pieces that held the ramps together without any specific instructions, A call to customer service solved the issue. And I must say that customer service were more then nice, going out of their way to be helpful, and very courteous, a pleasure to deal with in this day of anonymous internet dealings we usually have to deal with! Thank you Discount Ramps!!

5 Stars Nice Ramp

Stan from MO wrote (August 21, 2015):

Wanted to haul my bike and mower in my truck which sets pretty high instead of hooking up gooseneck trailer every time.. Nice looking, well made set of ramps.. Taking them and my VTX on vacation to Tennessee this coming week in the back of my Super duty... I watched videos on Youtube and looked at several websites before deciding on this set of ramps, I think they are going to be well used..

5 Stars Best ramp I've ever owned

Randy from GA wrote (August 17, 2015):

I was headed to Sturgis, SD from Blue Ridge, Ga. (1400 miles) and was insistant to not pull a trailer. I researced ramps that would allow me to load my HD Street Glide into my pickup bed, without the fear of making America's Funniest Home Vidios. The Black Widow (40" X 108") did just that. I sat on the bike and rode it into my pickup bed with confidence. The ramp performed flawlessly. I then disassembled the three sections and loaded them behing the front seats of my Super Crew F-150 for the off load. I have $42k in my motorcycle, so the ramp quality was very important to me. I highly recommend this product.

5 Stars Black Widow 12040

Tom from PA wrote (June 17, 2015):

Great service from sales, ordered 6/11 received 6/17, no shipment by UPS Sat, Sun. Received by noon and had bike in back of 2015 Colorado by 1 P.M. Much easier to ride up ramp than needing neighbor's help walking it up. Price and Quality excellent . Would recommend it for anyone. Thanks for your help James.

5 Stars Black Widow heavy-duty Motorcycle Ramp

Eugene from SC wrote (May 08, 2015):

This product I a great piece of equipment. Makes loading my bike so much easier by myself on anything. it is very wide and durable and highly recommended for purchase.

5 Stars BW-9440-HD

brian from MO wrote (April 29, 2015):

after several searches for ramps i went with the 94" black widow ramp for my 6x12 enclosed trailer since i dont have a ramp door i bolted all the pieces together it does make it lil awkward but not bad, easy to use plenty of room to ride up the ramp with both feet able to touch. was sturdy enouch for my harley davidson street bob and me didnt bend or buckel

5 Stars BW 9440-HD to Colorado

Wayne from CO wrote (March 23, 2015):

Great portability! Easy to use and stows away quickly. Highly recommend this ramp. provide fast shipping and package came spanking new in great condition. Would absolutely order from you again!

5 Stars Black Widow 9"

Richard from PA wrote (March 18, 2015):

love the ramp works well easy to take the bike on and off while sitting on it. I have a 95 HD fxsts / truck 98 f150 i strap the ramp together all the straps you need come with the ramp and the bolts. You can bolt the three ramps together.

5 Stars WHY WAIT !!

Tom from PA wrote (March 11, 2015):

After years of using wood planks, I finally bought the Black Widow 94 in long folding ramps. My only regret is not buying them sooner. They arrived 2 or 3 days after ordering and I used them the next day to load a mower with snow plow into my full size pickup. I found them easy to set up, the arch made for great clearance while driving up and down. They seem very sturdy, and light enough for 1 person to handle & setup. They also fold small enough to easily fit into the truck bed, even with the equipment loaded. I didn't bolt the 3 ramps together, so 1 person can easily handle the sections. The 94 inch length is nice - not too steep when using, and not too bulky when handling or storing. I originally bought them for loading my motorcycles, but found they also work great for my mower and other yard equipment. I would buy them again in a heartbeat - well worth the money!!!

4 Stars Question

Tony from OR wrote (February 12, 2015):

I have the 10' long ramp and it works great, Easy to store with my bike in the pickup, Takes a little time to put it together but better to be safe. I only have one question on the side of one of the panels it is marked 600 Lbs. . Just what does that mean. I under stand it to be 1,500.00 Lbs. ---- These side section ramps each have a load capacity of 600 lbs, for a total of 1,200 lbs when used conjointly or 1,500 lbs when bolted together with the center section.

5 Stars Black Widow Ramp Is Outstanding

Paul from WA wrote (January 19, 2015):

The 3-Piece Ramp System is a great price and function; allows for safe load/unload while sitting on bike. I bought this instead of a trailer so my son and I could safely load/unload our dual sports motorcycles. I have not bolted the three separate pieces together; instead I strap them together when in use; makes it more convenient for handling/throwing inbetween the bikes in the truck. Good stuff; can't go wrong; worth the little effort to set up compared to performing "ramp - tricks" :)

5 Stars Black Widow 9ft

Dave from AZ wrote (December 25, 2014):

Best value, long enough for a 4 x 4 truck bed. Sturdy to ride up and safe to walk up into truck bed.

5 Stars Black Widow 8ft.

Max from IL wrote (December 14, 2014):

Very well built, great price, more than enough for a sport bike.


JAMES from MI wrote (December 10, 2014):


5 Stars Great price for good ramps

Sherri from MN wrote (November 18, 2014):

I have a full size truck, why buy an expensive trailer when all I need is ramps to utilize my trucks bed. Plus I don't have to find a place to store it! Works for my motorcycle and snowblower.

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