Black Widow Aluminum Heavy-Duty 4-Beam Folding Arched Motorcycle Ramp

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  • Manufactured from high-strength, lightweight aluminum
  • 1,500 lb. weight capacity
  • Available in two sizes up to 12' long with 40" total width
  • Serrated rungs spaced 3" apart for maximum traction
  • Folds in half or breaks down into six pieces for easy transport and storage
  • Arched design for maximum engine and tailpipe clearance
  • Includes three safety straps to secure ramp to your vehicle
Item # Length Width Height Weight Maximum Capacity Availability Price  
BW-12040-HD 10' 40" 1-3/4" 110 lbs. 1,500 lbs.
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BW-14440-HD 12' 40" 1-3/4" 124 lbs. 1,500 lbs.
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Combining safety and stability, this Black Widow extra-long aluminum ramp is the ideal choice for loading your motorcycle onto lifted vehicles or tall loading docks without the threat of bottoming out. With a 40" wide platform, you can comfortably load and unload your ride on your own without risking injury. Manufactured from heavy-duty, arched aluminum, the three sections fold in half or come apart to make storage as easy as possible.

Now you can load motorcycles of all different makes, models and styles onto lifted vehicles with confidence using these new, heavy-duty Black Widow extra-long motorcycle ramps. The extra length and arched design prevent bottoming out, even when loading lowered motorcycles and choppers, while the 40" wide, lightweight aluminum ramps let you put your feet down safely on the serrated traction rungs while loading or unloading your bike by yourself.

Despite its extra length, this patented (#D595919) Black Widow motorcycle ramp is a testament to both durability and portability. Manufactured from three sturdy sections, a 17" wide center ramp and two 12" wide side ramps, the 40" wide platform folds in half or breaks down further into six pieces for convenient storage and transportability. While other extra-long ramps tend to flex while loading, making it difficult to balance your motorbike, this high-quality aluminum model was precision-engineered to use all three sections secured together with eight rugged c-beam brackets (included) to aid in the overall weight distribution and make the entire system solid as a rock.

These patented (#D595919) Black Widow folding ramps offer a range of key safety features including a full-width attaching-lip for optimum weight distribution across the tailgate, a tapered ramp foot to provide a smooth approach, and three heavy-duty cam buckle straps to prevent ramp kick-out while loading. This ramp is also available in shorter models for standard trucks and trailers (BW-40-AMR).

1,500 lbs.
For motorcycles ONLY; All three ramp sections MUST be secured together
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