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Car Service Ramps

A durable set of car and truck service ramps can enhance the safety of your shop or garage and make it easier to access the underside of vehicles for repairs, maintenance, oil changes, and more. We offer a wide selection of plastic, aluminum, and polystyrene ramps for maintenance and display to best suit your needs.

A Safer Alternative

  • Use as a backup to jacks to enhance safety during routine maintenance, providing repairs, or performing oil changes as a fail-safe while you're below the vehicle
  • High weight capacities from solid rubber, welded aluminum, and high-density polystyrene construction can support most cars and trucks of any size
  • Built-in wheel stops keep your car from running off the edge of the service ramp while still utilizing the full length of the ramp
  • Superior traction from rung, punch plate, and textured surfaces provides the grip you need for high performance and all-weather tires and keeps your ramps stationary on the shop or garage floors

Value-Added Benefits

  • Create dynamic displays for show cars or for-sale vehicles using sleek, solid service ramps
  • Low-profile designs are ideal for sports cars with naturally low clearances, low-profile front fenders, or front-end body kits
  • Versatile surfaces such as aluminum rungs, plastic grids, and honeycomb channels allow dirt, debris, moisture, and oil to drain out and make it easy to clean your ramps
  • Hydraulic lifts are more expensive, difficult to move, and require additional servicing while a set of car service ramps provide versatility for service shops and hobby garages alike

We're Here to Help

Our team of trained product experts are happy to help you explore the added safety and benefits of car and truck service ramps. Call 888-651-3431 to speak with somebody today.