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How to Choose a Motorcycle Ramp

Motocross & Dirt Bike Ramps

A dirt bike loading ramp from Discount Ramps is the quick, easy way to get your ride on and off a trailer or truck. We have extra wide dirt bike ramps, folding motocross ramps and other styles to handle any bike.

Professional SuperCross racers and weekend hobby riders alike know the pain and hassle of trying to lift their bike onto a truck bed. One wrong move and you’ve got a scratched truck, broken handlebar, or bruised thigh. Our single runner dirt bikes are designed to make things effortless by bridging the gap between the ground and your hauler. Walk or ride your off-road motorcycle up one of our bike truck ramps, latch it down and head to the hills!

Dirt bike ramps are available in multiple styles. Single-fold and multi-fold ramps are easier to store and can be made in longer lengths, while non-folding ramps are generally less expensive and are easier to set up. An arched dirt bike ramp offers more clearance so you don’t bottom out while loading, and adjustable motocross ramps are a great tool if you know you’ll be using multiple haulers. Pick a short ramp for greater weight capacity or a long ramp for a more gradual rise. Each model is made of durable materials, with a carefully designed surface that works with your tires to provide grip while loading and unloading.

With our low-price guarantee and fast domestic shipping, you’ll get the best deal on a high-quality ramp and have it on your doorstep in time for the next event or weekend outing. Contact us today if you have ordering questions or are looking for a dirt bike ramp that you don't see in our listed inventory.