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Handy Garage Organization Solutions from Discount Ramps

Good organization is one of the most important things to remember as a homeowner—you have limited space to work with, so you need to make the most of what you have. One common area where extra space goes unused is the garage.

Your garage is more than just a place to park your car or store lawn care equipment: it’s one of the most versatile spaces your home has to offer! Unfortunately, this space often goes underutilized. Take a look at a few ways that the product experts at Discount Ramps can help you maximize your garage space through good organization:

Storage Hoists and Wall Racks

One of the great things about using your garage as a storage area is not being limited to floor space. Walls and rafters offer nearly unlimited options for storing objects, provided you have the right hoists and racks.

Bicycle ceiling hoists

A bicycle raised to the ceiling on a hoist

Bicycle ceiling hoists are great for getting bikes up and out of the way, keeping your floor space open and to preventing you from accidently bumping into them. Hoisting your bike takes minimal effort thanks to the pulley system of the hoist, and once it’s in place via two secure ceiling mounts, it’ll stay secure until you lower it down for your next ride.

Bicycle storage racks

Bicycles on a wall rack

Bicycle storage racks are an easy to install, easy to use solution for stowing several bikes within arm’s reach. These racks mount easily to any wall of your garage, giving you the freedom to hang bikes without having them sway or pivot.

Kayak and canoe ceiling hoists

A kayak hanging from a garage ceiling via a hoist

Kayak and canoe ceiling hoists are an essential storage solution for anyone who owns one of these large watercrafts. With secure ceiling mounts capable of handling 100-lbs and a convenient pulley system to get the kayak or canoe off the ground and into the air, you’ll have no trouble creating garage space with a ceiling hoist on your side. Best of all, this storage solution can easily lower kayaks and canoes into and out of trucks and trailers.

Kayak wall racks

A kayak hanging from wall-mounted rack

Kayak wall racks are a prime way to secure your kayak safely and securely, while also minimizing the space they take up. Gone are the days of propping it up in a corner or stowing it cautiously in the rafters of your garage—a wall rack will keep your kayak safe, clean and in great shape (along with the paddles), while also ensuring it doesn’t come tumbling down or fall over accidently.

Warrior Pegboards

Tools hanging from metal pegboard

Warrior Pegboards are a fantastic way to store and organize smaller items like wrenches, clamps, and screwdrivers on your garage walls. Show off your prized tool collection on military grade aluminum pegboards above your workspace instead of stuffing it in a disorganized tool box. With a 2,500-lb capacity and heavy-duty hooks with a 300-lb capacity, even heavy power tools can be shown off in all of their glory.

Getting these bulky items off of the floor will clear the way for items that can’t be hoisted.


How can a simple dolly help you to reclaim space in your garage and keep everything neat and orderly? Well, that depends on how you’re using it!

Motorcycle dollies

A motorcycle in a garage on a dolly

A motorcycle dolly is a convenient way to sneak your bike into the tightest spaces of your garage. These dollies feature a track that serves to secure the bike while also keeping the tires straight, minimizing the amount of floor space it takes up. Many motorcycle dollies also come with hydraulics, allowing them to be raised slightly for even more space.

Trailer dollies

Moving trailers with a dolly

Trying to stow a snowmobile, boat, or utility trailer in your garage is tough—maximizing your space while doing so is even tougher. Thankfully, trailer dollies make it easy for you to make a few adjustments to the position of your trailer once it's in the garage—just slip the dolly in place and adjust the trailer to position it with more precision than you could ever have hoped for when backing it in with a vehicle!

When you’re playing the game of inches with your available garage space, a dolly can be exactly what you need to make your storage count.


Sometimes even the best organizational approach can’t overcome the space confinements of your garage. When this happens, it’s time to start thinking outside the box—literally! When there’s just no more room in your garage, there are several ways to make sure your vehicles and other investments are still protected.

Car covers

A classic car underneath a cover

Vehicle covers are the quickest and easiest way to make sure that your vehicle is protected when it’s parked outside. They come in both universal sizes and fitted models, and can completely shield your vehicle from inclement weather, dust, debris and sunlight.

Boat covers

Boat with cover

Boat covers act in much the same way vehicle covers do, protecting your boat and keeping it hidden and safe. As an added bonus, the right cover will also keep snooping animals out and keep your boat or trailer from being tampered with.

The list of protective covers available from Discount Ramps meets virtually every need. When your garage is so full it could burst—even if it’s organized right down to the last inch—covers can help you to expand your storage capabilities outside.

Start organizing today

Is your garage organized as well as it could be? If not, Discount Ramps is here to help you make the most of your space, by providing the items needed to maximize every square foot. Start by addressing any of the important areas above and you’ll be amazed at how much of your garage you can reclaim!

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