Black Widow Aluminum Heavy-Duty Folding Arched 3-Piece Motorcycle Ramp

  • Manufactured from high-strength, lightweight aluminum
  • 1,500 lb. weight capacity
  • Measures 10' L x 38" W
  • Serrated rungs for maximum traction
  • Folds in half and breaks down into three pieces for easy transport and storage
  • Arched design for maximum engine and tailpipe clearance
  • Full-width lip and two safety straps to secure ramp to your vehicle

Easily load or unload your Harley Davidson, touring motorcycle, or street bike on your own with the lightweight, heavy-duty Black Widow aluminum folding motorcycle ramp. This innovative ramp has been engineered to either fold in half or break down into three pieces for compact storage in a short bed truck. It features an arched design for maximum ground clearance. Thanks to its full 38" wide base and lip, you can unload your cruiser or lowered bike with confidence. The included safety straps keep the ramp in place and prevent kick-out during loading and unloading. Serrated cross rungs provide a no-slip approach with great traction in all weather conditions. This ramp is engineered to be safe for either riding or walking your bike on or off your truck or trailer.

75 lbs.
1,500 lbs.

Review Summary (Based on 30 Reviews)


5 Stars Good Ramp System

Jim from CA wrote (November 01, 2017):

I live in Calgary, Alberta Canada, the ramp arrived at my door within 7 days from ordering on the internet (it probably took me 3 minutes to order it). I arrives assembled, the set up is easy, loading the Yamaha FZ-07 into my GMC Denali truck bed was easy, unloading was easy, disassembly and storage of the ramp was even easier. Overall it is a GREAT ramp system, I like it !! The only change I will make is to add a strap or clip to store the 1/2" dia x 40" L aluminum rod that is used to tie the ramps together so it does not get lost during storage. Thanks Discount Ramps, keep up the good ideas (Kudo's to your design team) plus I like your YouTube Video. JimK - Calgary Alberta Canada (PS: there was no option to put a Canadian province in your step 3 below, so I put California).........thanks.

5 Stars Outstanding Value, Great Service

Bob from NJ wrote (November 01, 2017):

I bought these ramps for use with my 2016 Nissan NV2500HD high top van. I ride a 1983 Honda Gold Wing, and wanted to be able to take the bike camping when I tow my 20' Airstream. This ramp system makes loading and unloading the motorcycle an absolute pleasure, with a tremendous feeling of security. I had cheap ramps in the past, and I can testify that there is no worse feeling in the world to have a ramp potato chip underneath a 750 pound motorcycle! Having a 38 inch wide ramp that can support 1500 pounds does wonders to your confidence in loading a motorcycle into a truck. That these ramps come in 3 sections makes stowing the ramp system inside the truck a simple task. I would definitely recommend these ramps. BTW - Delivery was fast! I ordered on Friday, and they arrived in New Jersey on Tuesday.

5 Stars 10' Black Widow Folding Ramp

Rex from VA wrote (August 11, 2017):

Terrific buy. The ramp(s) were delivered on time and undamaged. Very happy with the quality and how sturdy the ramp is. I love how portable it is. It was delivered in one package, but consists of three ramp sections. The design is awesome!

4 Stars 10' ramps

joe from FL wrote (June 29, 2017):

They look good but the welding on them is poor to sloppy

4 Stars well made, design flaw

Karl from IN wrote (June 07, 2017):

As far as loading into my trailer, which has low ground clearance this ramp is fine, I have a GMC 3/4 pickup, it sits high to the back, the ramp affixes well to the truck, the problem I had is with the side sections, for your feet, the way the bars are aligned makes it possible to catch a toe of your boot in them, that is freaky but it happened to me, causing me to dump the bike and fortunately was able to leap off, free of the bike. Neither the bike or myself had injury. I am going to retrofit solid runners to these side sections so this cannot happen again. I realize this was a freak accident and maybe has never happened to anyone previously. Other than that, this is a fine rack

5 Stars Sturdy ramp, well built

Tommy from VA wrote (May 22, 2017):

I bought this ramp to be able to load my 2016 Ultra Classic in to the back of my 2016 Ram 3500 Dually 4x4. While a little nerve racking doing it for the first time, the ramp itself didn't contribute to the nerve racking part. It was very sturdy, very solid going both up and down. It's still pretty heavy even for aluminum. I'm definitely satisfied with this purchase. While my Harley isn't the "Low" model, I upgraded the suspension to Harley's Premium suspension "Low" version, front and rear. No scraping or hangup on the ramp, the arch definitely helps riding the bike up and down the ramp and provides the necessary clearance to not have to be concerned with a hangup on the ramp.

5 Stars Does the job.

Robert from GA wrote (March 18, 2017):

I really like my 10' Black Widow ramps. They are easily stored in the bed of my F150 even with my Road King loaded. I also got the No Bolt, No Drill Motorcycle Wheel Chock which works perfectly as well.

5 Stars Ramps

Diana from MI wrote (November 12, 2016):

I ordered these on Monday got on Tuesday Wow is all I can say

5 Stars Well Made Ramps

Rocky from MI wrote (August 25, 2016):

I bought these ramps because we have two Harleys, a pickup truck, and no trailer. I was very surprised about the quality of the construction and how easy they are to set up. The three piece folding construction makes them easy to carry in the truck and easy to store in the off season. The aluminum tube construction makes them lightweight and strong. I am very please with the ramps and will not hesitate to buy items from your company in the future.

5 Stars just what I needed

john from FL wrote (August 17, 2016):

My wife is handicap and uses scooters to get around. We camp and pull a 31 ft. camper. We carry her small rally scooter on the back of the camper but we were unable to bring her large "E" scooter with us because of the weight.Having three wheels and also having safety wheels on the back the big boy ramp worked great. I was able to walk the scooter up the ramp with the motor and back it down with the hand brakes

5 Stars Great ramp

Scott from TX wrote (June 10, 2016):

Glad I bought the Big Boy II. Super quality. Easily load a 485lb Yamaha FZ1 into my GMC 1/2 ton. 9 ft ramp folds and stows securely in the cab. Unloading has never been easier using the wide platform. Backing down using the brake is worry-free. Highly recommend this model. Extremely satisfied with my purchase. Great product.

5 Stars Nice Ramp

V JAY from CT wrote (April 22, 2016):

I use the ramp to load my Street Glide and Soft Tail in my pickup it works good. But I should of spent a little more and got the Big Boy 2. The 2 pieces would have been easier to carry in my truck bed when the bike is loaded.

5 Stars Easy way to load a Harley Ultra Classic into a 4x4 pickup

Randy W from CO wrote (April 03, 2016):

Great value! Allowed me to easily ride my Ultra Classic up into my 4x4 Sierra 1500 pickup. Fold up the three ramps slide them into the truck and away you go. Unloading is just as easy.

5 Stars Great Ramp

Kent from AZ wrote (February 18, 2016):

This is the best ramp I've ever used, and I've used a lot of them. The individual sections are light weight enough to be easy to handle. The length is great for the taller tailgates on newer pickups, the ramp angle is easy to get up and down. And it is really solid. Assembly is fairly easy, aligning the 3 sections to push the rod thru takes just a bit of fussing. After getting one and using it I would definitely buy it again.

5 Stars Awesome Ramps

Paul from GA wrote (January 19, 2016):

I use to own a set of these and sold them about 3 yrs ago. Regretted doing so that I just bought another set. I have a large enclosed trailer but sometimes just want to take 1 of my 3 bikes and the trailer is to much for the job. I drive a Ram 2500 Cummins 4X4 with lift kit, these ramps makes it easy on and off with my Ultra Limited, Softail, or Road King. I sold the other set cause I was moving into a rental and had limited room for storage and the offer was a good price. My new location has enough garage for 3 vehicles, golf cart, 3 bikes, and all my other gear, so I�ll be keeping these ramps.

5 Stars Big Boy Ramp- Great product!

Melissa from NM wrote (November 12, 2015):

I ordered this ramp to load our two motorcycles onto a Fleetwood Toy Hauler trailer. The trailer is tall, so our prior ramp system was to steep. This ramp is 10 ft long and arched, making it perfect to load our bikes. From order to shipping, the process was fast and easy. I would definitely recommend this product.

5 Stars Great Value, Easy to Use

Jim from TX wrote (August 24, 2015):

I have safely and easily transported 3 different motorcycles (Sportster, Soft Tail, and Volusia) since receiving your Big Boy 1 ramp system. Along with the 10' Ramp, I purchased your ratchet straps, soft loops, and tail gate supports. Set up, loading, and unloading the system is very easy. The three sections fit very nicely in the pickup bed during transport. I would recommend putting some grip tape near the folding hinges as there are a couple of smooth areas where a tire might lose some traction. So far, the tailgate supports seem unnecessary as they have remained loose while carrying the bike. However, I am glad that I bought them just for a little piece of mind should, in the highly unlikely event, the tail gate cables ever break. Ratcheting the bikes down is also very easy but takes me more time than the set up of the ramp. I am very pleased with this purchase as the system works very well, will save me a lot of money over time, and appears to be very safe.

5 Stars Big Boy Ramp

Gregg from TX wrote (August 14, 2015):

Works perfectly for my HD Softail Deluxe......gone are the days of 2x12 wood ramps.....the Big Boy ramp is easy to use, lightweight and most of all sturdy......wished I had bought this earlier. The delivery was speedy and the customer service very helpful with tracking the order......I would recommend this ramp to everyone!!

5 Stars Confidence in this ramp

Michael from WA wrote (July 05, 2015):

I just received this ramp. I was a little concerned by how light it is.... And I and my bike are not! I took my bike on it's first trip in the pickup with my camp trailer using ditches and my own channel iron contraption to unload it everywhere we stopped for a few days. After two of these experiences, I got online and ordered this ramp. It arrived in 3 days, so was waiting for me when I got home. Opened the box, picked each section up, pinned then all together and unloaded my ultra all in about 15 minutes. The ramp worked perfectly. Super easy to take apart and store. I'm confident this will make this style of traveling much more simple and takes the stressed out of losing and unloading my Harley.

5 Stars Big Boy Motorcycle Ramp

Steve from MD wrote (May 05, 2015):

Quick delivery. Out of the box, assembled and rode my Road King onto the bed of my F250. Great product from Discount Ramps.

5 Stars Scored Big Points with this Purchase...

Joan from NY wrote (May 04, 2015):

Purchased the Big Boy 10' Ramp for my husband's birthday. He has a HD Cruiser and a Chopper that he loads on to his Dually and this ramp was perfect. He was impressed with the light weight quality, the ease of assembling and storing, and the sturdiness arch design. He's able to load the motorcycles with enough clearance and most importantly, loads up without any additional help. We highly recommend Big Boy's 10' Ramp.

5 Stars Great ramp for the money

Michael from TX wrote (April 23, 2015):

Great ramp. It is easy to use. Easy to break down, and store. Fits in the back of my truck next to my motorcycle with ease. Now I can take my motorcycle every where with me. Love it.

5 Stars 10 ft Big Boy Ramp

Leigh from VA wrote (March 28, 2015):

Great ramp! Easy to setup and drove my Triumph Street Triple onto my Dodge RAM by myself with no issues. Nice design with the rod that connects all three parts. Be careful when you fold the ramp to not pinch yourself.

5 Stars Just What I Needed

Kreg D. Sherman from MI wrote (March 27, 2015):

I spent a lot of time looking for a ramp so I could load my Harley Davidson Road King into my GMC 1500 4x4. The Big Boy Aluminum Folding Arched Ramp is the perfect fit. Lightweight, sturdy, easy to use, easy to store, and best of all it can all be done by yourself. No need to find some one to help you. No issues at all loading or unloading. I am very pleased with the arched ramp and the price is very fair. Great product.

5 Stars worth the inmvestment

Burnie Nolt from PA wrote (February 16, 2015):

received the ramp last week and was not sure when I ordered it that it would be what I wanted. After I received the ramp and set it up at my truck I was completely satisfied that I had made the right decision. It really looks like a quality pieced of equipment and I cannot wait to use really it. The only thing I could see as an improvement would be some type of latch to keep the sections folded when handling, other than that I highly recommend it to anyone in need of loading a large bike onto the back of a pickup.

5 Stars Big Boy Motorcycle Ramps

William Tharp from CO wrote (February 11, 2015):

I just received the Big Boy Motorcycle Ramps .The Big Boy Ramps are everything they were advertised to be and then some . My Road King has been lowered , so the 10' Ramps that are arched allow the right clearance . Also , they are totally Awesome in that they can be broke down into 3 sections by just a connecting rod , for easy handling , instead of being bulky & heavy . They are very well constructed & I feel confident & safe , loading my Motorcycle by myself . I am very satisfied with my purchase ! Thanx !

5 Stars Just ordered one for my 14 Dyna FX.. Thanks James... Veteran friendly thanks...

William Fuller from CA wrote (January 26, 2015):

Looks to be easy and safe..

5 Stars Suits my needs perfectly.

Beverly from TN wrote (November 22, 2014):

I just ordered this Wednesday and received it Friday at 3:30pm! Great Service from this company. I bought it for my husband - he has a 1800 Honda Goldwing and needed the longer curved ramp ( 10 foot) due to the low underneath clearance of his motorcycle. As soon as it arrived, he put it together quickly ( super easy) and tested it on our new trailer. AWESOME! He loved the fact that he could place his feet down as needed and easily cleared at the top when entering onto the trailer. Great Price, Great Product and Great Service. PS- just wanted to add that I have purchased other items from this company and 1) I am extremely happy with the quality of all the products I have received, and 2) I'm impressed on how they all were nicely packaged for shipping, and 3) I am amazed at how quickly this ramp order was processed/packaged/shipped and received - in 2 days - from WI to TN !

5 Stars Best money spent!

Grant from WA wrote (June 08, 2014):

I just purchased the 3 wide Big Boy 10' ramp and I am impressed. It is lightweight and assembles easily without tools. On initial viewing it looked a bit flimsy to me but after setting it up on my truck (a 4x4 Ford) I was impressed. It held myself and my 1500 Goldwing totalling 1200# without an issue. The only thing I think it could use is a little better support lip on the tailgate end of the ramp but all things considered... it was WELL worth the money.

5 Stars Big boy 10' ramp

John from NJ wrote (May 13, 2014):

I just bought the big boy 10' ramp. I got it today 5/13/14. I needed a ramp to load my bike into my pick up. I have a 2013 haybusa(600lbs) and a dodge ram 1500. I am about 280lbs. The ramp did it's job with no problem. I am very happy with my purchase.

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