Silver Spring Aluminum Scooter and Wheelchair Carrier

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Silver Spring Aluminum Essential Travel Kit
  • Manufactured from high-strength, lightweight aluminum
  • Weighs 30 lbs. fewer than a comparable steel carrier
  • Designed for Class III or IV 2" hitch receivers
  • Inner platform dimensions are 48" L x 27-3/4" W; the loading ramp measures 45-3/8" L x 27-3/4" W
  • 3" wide rungs on the ramp and carrier increase traction while preventing accumulation of dirt, debris and moisture
  • Includes an anti-rattle device to eliminate wobble, 4 tie-down attachment rings, and 7-1/2” side rails

The Silver Spring Aluminum Scooter and Wheelchair Carrier is made from lightweight aluminum which will never rust and has a massive 500 lb. weight capacity. This carrier weight 30 lbs. less than a comparable steel model which makes installation a breeze plus helps to improve gas mileage. This carrier has numerous safety features to making transporting your mobility aid safe - 7-1/2" side rails, 4 aluminum ring tie down points, an anti-rattle device, and 3” wide rungs on the ramp which provide great traction during loading or unloading while at the same time limiting accumulation of dirt and debris on the ramp or in the carrier.

Loading and unloading your scooter or power chair is simple! Simply release the pin holding the lightweight ramp and position it on an even surface. Once your power aid is loaded simply lift and secure the ramp into its upright position and you are ready to go! We offer a wide range of tie-downs which are required for securing your scooter or power chair to the carrier. We also offer cover to protect your scooter during transportation.

500 lbs.
56 lbs.
Please note: Mobility devices are NOT to be occupied when loading, unloading, or on the carrier. Do not secure your scooter to the platform rails, which may cause the straps to slide or become loose.
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