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Modular Step Deck Trailer Ramp System with Load Leveler

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  • Three widths available: 16" , 18" and 20"
  • All ramps can be used as load levelers and ramps
  • Manufactured with lightweight aluminum for superior durability and strength
  • Reinforced stubbed toe at the bottom of the ramp to eliminate ramp curling up at different load heights
  • Versatile and fully adjustable ramp system sets up in minutes
  • Extra wide plate style serrated cross bars offer maximum traction in the rain, mud or snow
  • Load vehicles from the front, back or top step with one ramp system

Save space, weight and money with our aluminum load leveler/ramp combo kits. These lightweight aluminum ramps are easily converted into load leveler systems by simply securing them with heavy duty chains to the stake pockets of your trailer. The ramp systems are available in two lengths (8' and 16') and three widths (16" , 18" and 20" ) in weight capacities from 20,000 to 32,500 lbs per axle. The lightweight modular design of this system makes it very versatile for any loading application and for set-up by one person. Best of all, when your ramp system is not being used it can be stored securely under the deck of your trailer using our lockable bolt on or clamp on storage brackets.

Our 20,000 lb and 23,500 lb per axle capacity ramps are in stock and ship the same day. 32,500 lb per axle capacity ramps for tri-axle step deck trailers can be special ordered. Our combo ramp kits can be used on all 102" wide step deck trailers. Additionally, we offer multiple step deck load leveler ramp kits which include everything you need to transport vehicles and equipment on your step deck trailer as well as store all the components securely under the trailer to free up valuable deck space. The kits include our lightweight, military-grade aluminum modular ramps, skid seats to provide the ramps with a secure grip onto the trailer, and hangers for storing the ramps under the deck of the trailer during transport. To make it easier to maneuver the ramps by hand, we're including a free dolly in each master kit. This setup is an essential tool for truckers transporting vehicles and equipment on a 102" step deck trailer. These step deck ramps are the lightest, strongest, most versatile ramp system on the market. Add ramp hanger brackets to store ramps under deck of trailer to save trailer space and discourage theft. These load leveler ramps are an essential tool for truckers for transporting loads on a 102" wide drop deck trailer's (Featherlite trailers, Doonan trailers, etc.) wi(more...)

These load leveler ramps are the strongest and lightest in the industry. The load leveler ramp systems are available in 16" , 18" or 20" wide. The 16" wide models are 6" thick and are rated at 20,000 lb max axle weigh 74 lbs each. The 18" and 20" models are rated at 23,500 lbs per axle and are only 5" thick allowing them to store above the frame on the side of the trailer. The load levelers fit trailers 97" to 98" wide (measured from inside of stake pockets). The 23,500 lb load levelers attach to the trailer with stakes that slide over the pin ends of the ramps and into your stake pockets. The load levelers are chained down with load binders to secure them. The offset stakes are adjustable so the load levelers will fit most 102" wide step deck trailers without any modifications. Get rid of those back breaking wood or steel load levelers that take up lots of space. Ramp / Load leveler packages are available from a 4 bunk system or a 2 bunk system. All the load leveler ramps are manufactured from aluminum with built in heavy duty support bridges so they can all be used as load levelers with the stake pocket support stakes. This allows you to purchase a 2 bunk system and upgrade it into a 4 bunk system by buying more stakes and lumber clips instead of new ramps. The load leveler ram(more...)

WARNING! Ramps must be pinned into skid seat brackets before using ramps. Check out our lockable aluminum ramp storage brackets and stand hangers. The ramp storage brackets allow the complete load leveler ramp system to be stored under the deck of the trailer so there is no wasted cargo space. The load leveler ramp brackets can be locked to eliminate the ramps being stolen while on the road. These aluminum ramp hanger brackets have an extrusion that allows the ramps to be hung by the pin ends. They have plastic slides making them easy to slide in and out quickly. The UHMW plastic slides offer superior protection from wear caused by aluminum on aluminum vibration. The ramp storage brackets are available in a double model for the 18" and 20" step decks or a single version for 26" or low clearance drop decks trailers including: Doonan trailers and Transcraft trailers. We recommend our 5" thick 18" or 20" wide ramp system for low clearance trailers. The support stand hangers allow the stands to be stored on the side of the trailer in front of the rear axle.

Rated at 20,000 & 23,500 lbs per axle; Never exceed the maximum axle capacity of this ramp system; Not recommended for trucks with mounted cranes, forklifts, steel track vehicles.
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