Scooter & Wheelchair Ramps

Make your home handicap accessible with high-quality ramps, available at affordable prices from Discount Ramps. We offer the widest selection of aluminum, fiberglass, and rubber wheelchair ramps. Choose from a variety of options, including portable and modular access ramps and a wide selection of vehicle-mounted scooter ramps, for nearly any year, make and model vehicle.

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Choosing the appropriate wheelchair ramp to assist with mobility depends on a number of variables, including vertical rise, available distance, weight capacity, width, and the nature of application. By using Discount Ramps' convenient mobility ramp calculator, you can easily determine the length of the wheelchair ramp you'll need for a specific application, but it's also important to ensure the ramp you're buying is ultimately suited to the purpose.

Discount Ramps is pleased to offer a wide selection of wheelchair ramps for a range of applications, in numerous lengths and weight capacities.

Portable wheelchair ramps

Thanks to their lightweight, compact nature, portable wheelchair ramps are ideally suited for a wide range of applications, both indoors and out. Often made with aluminum, most portable ramps offer single- or multi-fold capabilities for quick deployment and storage. They're rated for loads up to 800lb, which accommodates all wheelchairs and most power scooters. Portable wheelchair ramps are the unparalleled choice for mobility on-the-go and are equipped with convenient handles for carrying.

Per ADA guidelines, portable wheelchair ramps can be used in conjunction with maximum rises measuring 36" in unoccupied residential settings, 24" in occupied residential areas, and 12" in commercial settings. These ramps are available through Discount Ramps in lengths of 2' to 12'.

Van Ramps

Designed specifically for loading and unloading from vans and SUVs, Van ramps are a quick, convenient alternative to installed lift systems. Like portable wheelchair ramps, they can be folded and unfolded for quick deployment and convenient transport, and they're often compact enough to be stowed in a vehicle. Most wheelchair van ramps support up to 600lb, with some heavy-duty options capable of supporting 800-1,000lb.

These ramps mount to your vehicle's tailgate or a side sliding door entrance. They're also available in a number of styles, designed to support wheelchairs, scooters, or power chairs appropriately.

Threshold ramps

For small gaps between spaces of uneven height, threshold ramps are the quick, convenient answer! Short rises can easily be bridged by these ramps without fear-they're often designed with a textured face and reinforced structure to support wheelchair weight over the low rise/run distance. Use them to navigate a single step, a doorway, or any other small vertical obstacle in your path. Threshold ramps work perfectly as a semi-permanent, everyday mobility application.

In accordance with ADA guidelines, threshold ramps can be applied to a maximum rise of 6" in unoccupied residential situations, 4" in occupied residential scenarios, and 2" in commercial areas. They average a capacity between 600-850lb, with high capacity ramps for power chairs also available.

Modular ramps

Designed specifically with ADA compliance in mind, modular ramps are a permanent or semi-permanent installation for both residential and commercial spaces. Modular designs can be configured to meet large-scale accessibility demands, leveraging a low-sloping design for optimal safety and ease of use. Unlike other ramps, modular designs can include turns, plateaus, variable degrees of slope, railings, and other accessibility-oriented design features. Manufactured from aluminum, they're designed to be weather-resistant, rustproof, and resilient.