Swivelwheel Single Wheel Motorcycle Trailer - 600 lb Capacity
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Smaller version of the Swivelwheel trailer to carry dirt bikes, scooters, coolers and other gear. Single wheel design tracks with the tow vehicle even in reverse, making it easy to back up. 600 lb weight capacity.


For those who need extra cargo carrying capacity for scooters, dirt bikes, mobility equipment and other gear, but don't want the hassles of towing a traditional trailer, the 4' x 6' single wheel trailer is the perfect option. Traditional trailers are difficult to back up, but Swivelwheel trailers act like an extension of the tow vehicle frame, and always track with the tow vehicle. This makes Swivelwheel one wheel trailers easy to use and impossible to jack-knife. Swivelwheel single wheel trailers are a great option for use behind fifth wheel campers, as the Swivelwheel trailer doesn't need to be removed before backing into a campsite or driveway.

The 4' x 6' deck of the single wheel trailer is 3/4" treated and painted plywood, resting atop a sturdy square steel tube frame. Three sided access to the deck makes loading up to 600 lbs of cargo onto the Swivelwheel trailer easy, and 2" x 2" stake pockets on the front and rear provide convenient tie down points to secure the cargo to. On the road, the flatbed trailer tows that cargo smoothly. The one wheel design of the motorcycle trailer eliminates fishtailing, and that single wheel, fitted with a 5.10 x 8 6-ply trailer tire (load range "D"), is designed with an adjustable friction pad and rotor to eliminate "wheel flutter" at highway speeds. Softening any bumps in the road along the way, the single wheel motorcycle trailer is designed with a torsion suspension system. Included with the Swivelwheel single wheel trailer are jack-stands with caster wheels, so the Swivelwheel trailer can be moved around easily when removed from the tow vehicle or fifth wheel trailer. Great for fifth wheel travel trailers equipped with a Class III or Class IV receiver, Swivelwheel 4' x 6' trailers also work well with motor homes and most compact to full size trucks and SUVs. Integrated lights, meeting DOT standards, are included, along with a Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin and SAE Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) Sticker.

Single Wheel Cargo Trailer
Class III or Class IV
270 lbs
600 lbs

Product Features

  • Tow dirt bikes, generators, scooters or other cargo without the hassle of traditional trailers
  • Act as an extension of the tow vehicle frame instead of a trailer
  • Easy to back into a driveway or campsite and impossible to jack-knife
  • Swivelwheel trailers don't have to be removed from a fifth wheel trailer before backing up
  • Three sided access makes loading easy
  • 2" x 2" Stake pockets provide convenient cargo tie down points
  • Adjustable front deck height keeps load level
  • Tire is 5.70 x 8" 6-Ply
    Load Rating: 1075 @ 100psi cold
  • Design of the trailer makes fishtailing impossible
  • An adjustable friction pad and rotor prevent the single wheel from "fluttering"
  • 5.70-8 6-ply Trailer tire (Load range "D")
  • Torsion axle suspension for a smooth ride
  • Includes removable jack stands with wheels to move trailer around while disconnected from vehicle
  • Single wheel trailer fits vehicles with a Class III or Class IV receiver
  • Integrated lighting system meeting DOT specifications (uses 4-wire flat plug)
  • 600lb load capacity
  • For carrying motorcycles behind Class A motor homes, consider the RV Motorcycle CruiserLift
  • Deck Dimensions is 48"L x 72"W x 25-3/4" H (Level)
    3/4" Thick Treated Plywood

Warning and Usage Guidelines

  • It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that the tow vehicle or fifth wheel trailer can support the Class III or Class IV hitch and the weight of the Swivelwheel trailer and cargo
  • Not recommended for use with bumper pull travel trailers
  • Swivelwheel trailers are not recommended for use behind fifth wheel trailers less than 30' in length and 10,000 lbs (dry weight)
  • "Double Towing" also referred to as "Triple Towing" is illegal in some states. It is the customer's responsibility to be familiar with local trailer towing laws and ordinances
  • Swivelwheel trailers are not designed to be "double towed" behind motor coaches towing another vehicle
  • Always put the load in the center of the Swivelwheel trailer, maintaining a 50/50 weight balance between tongue and wheel
  • Do not exceed 65mph while towing
  • The Swivelwheel trailer must be connected to the vehicle before loading
  • Cargo must be removed from the trailer platform before disconnecting the trailer


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