Ultimate MX Hauler Steel Motorcycle Carrier - 375 lb Capacity

No trailer or tie down straps are needed when transporting your dirt bike with the ultimate MX hauler. This lift installs onto a Class III or IV hitch and handles dirt bikes up to 375 lbs. Position your bike under the lift, jack up to the desired height and you're good to go - it only takes one person to load. Because the ultimate MX hauler carries the motorcycle close to your vehicle, there is less strain on your receiver, and the unique securing method eliminates almost all the swaying that other dirt bike carriers experience.

  • 375 lb capacity
  • Foot peg retainer shafts secure dirt bike
  • Hitch stabilizing pin included
  • Available with or without attached gas can rack
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104-BLK Black Ultimate MX Hauler without gas can rack
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106-BLK Black Ultimate MX Hauler with gas can rack
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This innovative motorcycle carrier is designed to be mounted to your 2" trailer hitch to transport your motocross bike. Optional accessories allow for extra versatility. The MX hauler has a 375 lb weight capacity which will hold most of today's dirt bikes. Easy, one person operation! Available in a black powder coated finish.


The Ultimate MX Hauler is a unique new way to haul your motocross or dirt bike. The unique design of this hitch mounted carrier allows you to haul your motor cross bike without the use of a trailer or straps (only the front wheel retainer strap)! This motorcycle carrier is positioned closer to your vehicle than most hitch mounted carriers resulting in less strain on your vehicle's receiver. With this motocross carrier there is almost no side to side swaying of your bike due to the unique hitch stabilizer pin and the secure hold down method. The Ultimate MX Hauler works much like a regular motorcycle jack. Position your motor cross bike under the lift and use the 18" powder coated jacking tube to raise your bike to the desired position. It only takes one person to load! The lifting plate has riveted polyurethane pads to help prevent from scratches on the frame of your motorcycle. The secure hold down method includes two foot peg retainer shafts to lock your bike into position. Also featured on this carrier is a tie down hook on the lifting plate to secure the handle bars of the motorcycle. The receiver tube on the carrier is 1/4", 2" x 2" tubing for strength and stability. The max weight capacity of the hauler is 375 lbs. The Ultimate MX Hauler is available in black color and comes with a 90 day warranty.

There is also a variety of accessories that are available with the Ultimate MX Hauler. One accessory is the Gas Can Rack. This option bolts right on to your MX Hauler and has the ability to hold a 5 gallon container. If you need the motocross carrier to adjust lower or higher on your vehicle there are optional hitch adapters that can raise or lower your carrier by 2", 4", 6", or 8". Custom raise/drop hitch adapters are available to meet your application needs. As well as having hitch adapters to raise or lower your hauler, there is also a 6" hitch extension adapter to bring the motorcycle carrier out away from your vehicle. The Ultimate MX Hauler Accessories are available in black color.

57 lbs
Class III or IV
375 lbs

Product Features

  • Carrying position is close to your vehicle resulting in less strain on your receiver
  • Almost no side to side swaying of your bike due to secure hold down method
  • Powder coated finish
  • 375 lb max weight capacity
  • 2" x 2" receiver
  • Hitch stabilizing pin eliminates unnecessary movement
  • Riveted polyurethane pads help preserve the finish
  • Foot peg shaft retainers provide a solid and secure hold
  • Made in the USA


Instruction Manual


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