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Car Loading Ramps

Loading a classic car onto a trailer, filling up an auto hauler for dealership-to-dealership transport, or pulling a car onto a flatbed tow truck is safer and easier with a set of durable auto loading ramps. Our wide selection of designs, applications, and materials will meet your needs and make transporting vehicles easier than ever.

Ends for Every Application

We offer several different end styles to facilitate certain applications:
  • Pin-on ends prevent the ramps from kicking out during loading and allow ramps to remain connected to the trailer in transit by simply flipping them up.
  • Plate ends are easy to attach to any trailer or hauler without the use of a skid seat bracket.
  • Hook ends provide security during the loading/unloading process, while remaining easy to place and remove.

Different Trailers Require Different Ramps

Unfortunately, one size ramp won't fit all vehicle types. Auto haulers, trailers, and tow trucks have to use different ramps to accommodate vehicles with low front fenders, such as race cars or some sports cars, or vehicles with ample clearance, like cargo vans. Flexible solutions are available to accommodate industry-standard trailers, including Dove Tail trailer ramps, for auto haulers, tow trucks, and more.

Be Aware of Per-Axle Weight Capacity

When choosing the right ramp, make sure to check the ramp’s weight rating against the heaviest axle weight of your vehicle. Axle weight can be measured by driving the heaviest axle of your vehicle onto a vehicle scale, which is generally the front axle, since it supports the weight of the engine.

Spotlight on Ramp Materials

Compared to steel ramps, our offering of polystyrene and aluminum ramps weigh less and require less maintenance.

  • Patented Polystyrene Ramps create lightweight bed-to-ground access with flatbed tow trucks and other hydraulic trailers that don't quite clear the pavement. They will not slide, scratch or damage floors. They will even work on ice!
  • Aluminum Ramps can be easily stored on your auto hauler or trailer, feature high weight capacities despite their relative lightness, and can be put in position by just one person. They will never rust, rot, or corrode. The serrated rungs and punch-plate surfaces provide superior traction compared to home-made wood ramps, and they won't buckle over time.

We're Here to Help

Call (888) 651-3431 to speak with our team of trained product experts, who can help you choose the right set of car ramps and truck ramps to best fit your needs.

For additional information on how to find the best ramp for your auto loading needs, please read our Car and Truck Loading Ramp Buyer's Guide and be sure to use our Automobile Ramp Calculator.