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Motorcycle Carriers

We offer a comprehensive selection of steel and aluminum motorcycle carriers designed for a variety of motorcycles from dirt bikes to sports bikes. Choose from multiple weight capacities and styles.

How to Choose a Hitch-Mounted Motorcycle Carrier

Here are some important facts and measurements to keep in mind as you select a carrier:

  • The hitch class and tongue weight capacity of your vehicle cannot be exceeded
  • The length, tire width, and ground clearance of your motorcycle will set the maximum carrier size
  • The wet motorcycle weight must be lower than the carrier's maximum weight capacity
  • Aluminum carriers are lighter, however steel is more heavy-duty and more affordable

For more detailed information on this topic, please read Choosing a Hitch-Mounted Motorcycle Carrier.

Carrier or Trailer?

Both have pros and cons. Trailers are best for hauling multiple bikes at once, however they can be difficult to maneuver and may require licensing in some states. Carriers are easily handle most motorbikes up to 600 pounds, or a pair of lightweight dirt bikes, and they only minimally increase your vehicle's footprint compared to a trailer.

Style and Compatibility

These carriers are compatible with most pickups and SUVs, and come in multiple styles with weight capacities up to 600 pounds. They offer a compact alternative to a tow-behind trailer, and they are designed with strength and dependability in mind, along with reduced carrier wobble and enhanced stability and security.

Please take a moment to read this article which examines some of the common questions often asked about motorcycle carriers: Are Motorcycle Carriers Safe?

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